Free battery checks

The battery is the source of all electricity in your car. It powers the starter and ignition, it supplies extra power when needed and ensures a smooth flow of electrical energy. To ensure your car battery performs reliably at all times, it is essential to maintain it properly.

The average life expectancy of a good quality battery is 5-7 years, but this is dependent on several factors such as the vehicle being idle for long periods or if it’s primarily used for short journeys.

There are usually no warning signs that your battery is about to fail, but the weather conditions can put your battery at risk:

- Cold temperatures reduce battery performance 
 - The extra work required to run heaters and lights during the winter season puts a strain on your battery
- The majority of battery failures occur on cold winter mornings
- Long hot spells are the leading cause of corrosion which can lead to battery failure

If your battery is ageing, we can carry out a check for you free of charge. Just call us on 0151 909 0909 to arrange a booking.


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